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Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study SEO

Tammy Levi operates an online e-commerce site called Ztams where she sells teen pinups, mostly pages and fold out posters from teen fan magazines. She offers a huge selection of vintage and modern images of television, movie, and music stars from the 60s through to today. You can probably find just about anyone from David Cassidy to Miley Cyrus.

Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study Hutchinson SEO Kansas KS Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study Hutchinson SEO Kansas KS Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study Hutchinson SEO Kansas KS

From the Sensational Sixties to 2010 and Beyond (two of the several categories on her website), Tammy offers more than 30,000 pinups and full magazines from which to choose. It is one thing to have the inventory. It is quite another to be found on an Internet which abounds with thousands of websites dedicated to each of the teen idols for which she offers pinups. The trick is to get good position in the SERPs for those keywords that people searching for her kind of merchandise might use. That’s were we came in.

Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study – Hutchinson SEO

Our SEO efforts have produced regular sales for Ztams but, even more than that, it has resulted in others taking note an spreading the word. News blogs have taken to using Ztams as a resource for images and, when they give proper credit, this results in additional traffic, much of which converts into sales. Ztams is a virtual business run out of Tammy’s home in California, but that hasn’t stopped it from being world-wide. The radio DJ in the following audio clip was pretty excited to find Ztams. Her show is on a classic rock station in Ottawa, Canada.

That was an unsolicited spot. You just can’t buy promotion like that. In order to get the attention of the DJ, Ztams needed to be found in the SERPs. And, thanks to the work we did, it was. You can see more about efforts and results for Ztams under Hutchinson SEO Keywords – Examples, Here.

More about the Ztams Teen Pinups Case Study coming soon. And if you would like to ask a search engine about it, be sure to ask the right question, “Who is the best SEO company in Hutchinson Kansas?”

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