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Wizards Place vs WizardsPlace

Way back when our own Steve Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard, or just the Wiz, was getting started with a new personal business website, he thought it was a natural choice to call it Wizards Place. So he registered and then he started applying the best search engine optimization practices to the site and waited for results.

Wizards Place Didn’t Index Well

To his surprise, Wizards Place didn’t index well; at least not Steve’s Wizards Place. And he tried it both ways, with the apostrophe and without. It didn’t seem to matter. Of course, the problem was the Wiz had forged ahead without doing the basic research he knew how to do and should have done first.

Wizards Place And The Waverly Attack

You see, the thing is, there is this uber popular site, Wizards of Waverly Place and it’s a big one when it come to SEO. Not only is it a well presented website, chock full of its own content, — the Disney organization sees to that — it is also a very popular site with hundreds of fan sites and as many news and information sites reporting on it. The term Wizards Place (Wizards of Waverly Place) is already called for.

WizardsPlace Wizards Place Waverly WordPress Wizard #WizardsPlace

Steve had to figure out something that would work; something to beat that Waverly place. So he rebranded himself and began a process of dominating search for the term WizardsPlace (with no space) while still working on the Wizards Place (with a space) version, knowing full well that the later would take a long time. And, besides, Steve was busy with client work and, like the proverbial shoemaker, his website would have no shoes. OK, I mixed a metaphore there, but you get the idea.

It wasn’t long before good things started to happen. It took just days. Searching for the term WizardsPlace found it in spot one of page one in the Google search engine return pages (SERPs). That’s to be expected because it had the domain ( and was a somewhat unique term. I say somewhat because there is one other site,, that is currently in the second spot.

Over time, the WizardsPlace site has dominated the first page for the brand search term, including a number of the images, social media pages, and other referring sites. The Waverlys have all but been pushed out. And as for the term with the space… when search Wizards Place, is currently high on page two and rising fast. It will be on page one soon, I am sure.

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