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Wizards Place vs Waverly Place

You know the story of the shoemaker’s kids… their dad was a shoemake and yet he was so busy with clients that their shoes had holes and were falling apart. Well, our resident SEO guy, Steve, has his own business site called WizardsPlace. He used to call it Wizards Place but changed it when he found how Wizards Of Waverly Place dominated that search term.

Wizard Water Websites WizardsPlace Wizards Of Waverly Place

When It Comes To Growing SEO
Wizard Steve Is Our Man

Wizards Of Waverly Place Dominates SERPs

Well, for now, anyway! Steve, known online as the WordPress Wizard, and our own search optimization Wizard, isn’t about to give up. He’s working hard at getting his own site to rank well for it’s name (of course) WizardsPlace, and the term many people still use when searching for it, Wizards Place, so he’s taking Wizards Of Waverly Place head on. We know whom we would be on!

We will keep you posted as things develop. Frankly we expect to see beginning changes in a few days and significant changes in a few weeks. This is a tough nut for anyone but Steve is up to the challenge. When it comes to growing search engine optimization success there is no one in Hutchinson, and very few around the world, with the skill of the Wiz.

We’re watching for WizardsPlace to begin showing up on page one of searches for Wizards Place, breaking the current domination by Wizards Of Waverly Place. Steve is THAT good! We’re glad he works for us. He can work for you too. Just give us a call. You will see fast results, solid results, and lasting results. It’s what good SEO is all about. Count on it. Count on Steve. He will deliver.

We are watching you, Steve. And we are cheering for you to!

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