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This is the first in a series of posts on Pinterest. Pinterest is the powerful social media network that focuses on sharing photos and graphic images. Pinterest has over 70 million members. 75% of them visit daily via mobile devices (smart phone, tablet, etc.) Using Pinterest may be a crucial link in your local Internet marketing (IM) campaign. Don’t overlook using Pinterest.

4 Crucial Pinterest Profile Mistakes You Should Avoid

So you are looking to use social networking to promote your brand, products, services and campaigns. Your purpose is reaching more people. You want to gain more customers. And, hopefully, this will generate more revenue.

Using Pinterest seems like a good idea. And it is for many local business owners. Pinterest is just about as good as it gets when it comes to achieving all that. You really should be using Pinterest as a part of your online marketing strategy.

However, if you are a beginner, you should consider this. There may be one or two mistakes you will have made in setting up your profile. These mistakes will not allow you to use the full potential of this well-known social media giant.

Here Are Some Things To Avoid When Using Pinterest

1. Turning Search Privacy On

Search privacy is an option you can use to prevent search engines like Google or Bing to index your Pinterest page. This could normally be used quite well if you just want to share your pins with a select few friends and family members.

However, for marketing your business, it is practically the biggest profile mistake you can make. Even turning search privacy on for a limited time can often delay search engines from getting your information out there. If you don’t want to release some of your boards and pins for the public to see right away, you can simply use a hidden board for that. Don’t think you haven’t got enough material pinned. Or even any material pinned. Let search engines in right from the beginning.

2. Failing to Add a Verified Website URL

If you have a website, part of your promotional efforts will be to drive people from Pinterest to your site. This is where you can share more information about your updates and products. It is the foundation of your online presence.

Not adding a valid website URL to your profile can hurt your business. It can do so even if you integrate links to web pages on your site directly into some of your pins. Pinterest users will normally have a much easier time trusting a retailer or business that is verified. Shares your professional looking URL right on your Pinterest profile page.

3. Not Adding Your Location & Contact Details

Location is extremely important for businesses that want to tap into more local consumers using Pinterest. Adding your real address, or phone number, will help people realize that you are a real person or business. The fact that they can connect with and will boost their trust as well. It also tells them exactly where you are in case they want to contact you.

Adding your contact details, such as a phone number or email address, will help consumers more easily get in touch. They will not have to search around the web to find you. Instead, should they decide to contact you, they have all the information they need right there in your Pinterest profile.

4. Not Connecting Your Other Social Accounts

Pinterest gives you the option of connecting your account to various other social media accounts. You can connect directly to such services as Facebook or Twitter. Not using this opportunity can definitely make you miss out on a lot of great perks. Let people know how to find your other social media accounts.

Basically, if you do connect them, not only will you be able to drive more people to your pins, but also reach a much wider audience. In fact, you can use various apps and tools from other social networks to track the performance that your pins may have regarding their relevance and popularity. This is a real bonus for effectively using Pinterest for your business.

Effectively Using Pinterest For Local Marketing

These are some of the most essential mistakes that any business owner should avoid if they hope to expand their business through using Pinterest.

Having a complete, well thought-out profile will automatically give you the results you need and place you on the path towards gaining more local online visibility.

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