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The Facebook List Building Fever

I have seen a great buzz lately about building a subscriber’s list using Facebook and it is easy to know why. One of the greatest ways for Internet marketers to make money online is with email marketing. It is the easiest way to make money online by using this method, but you need to have a list to do so. And not just any list, a highly responsive list; a list where people will open your emails, read them and click onto the links you send to them to check it out.

The coolest thing ever for an Internet marketer is to send a few well done emails and see the commissions start rolling in into the affiliate accounts they have signed up to promote the products. But if you don’t have a list, you can just dream about that way of making money.

What does Facebook offer to me to build a list?

Facebook is most incredible source of audience that any Internet marketers would dream of having them into their mailing lists, and let me tell you that it is 100% possible to do that.

Facebook has created an extraordinary advertising platform where you will be able to advertise to the most specific audience possible. You are able to set your campaigns to get traffic from any country, city, zip code and even small towns (I have done it). You can target people with surprisingly precise interest, age, gender, relationship status, and even the level of education of the targeted audience.

15% of the entire population of the planet is on Facebook. Is it the largest audience available in a single place? Can you imagine how many people who are specifically interested in the information you offer will be right there, hanging out on Facebook and waiting for you to share with them what you have to offer?

How can I build an incredible large list with Facebook?

You could easily build highly attractive html optin forms on Facebook using Apps they freely provide, and that you could easily insert them inside a Facebook Page you have created based on the topic of your choice. You just need to get the code from your autoresponder service, paste it into Facebook and that does it.

You just need to drive all of the traffic using the Facebook Ads platform to the optin form and steal as many subscribers or leads as you want straight to your subscribers’ list.

Another great way to build a large list of subscribers is to advertise directly to your existing friends and people that have liked your Facebook Pages using an optin form embedded directly onto the news feed post. Or if you don’t have access to those types of tools yet, you could easily post an attractive image with a link redirecting them to the optin form.

What should I use as an incentive for them to optin into my list?

You really need to offer something of value so people will have enough interest to get the info so that they won’t mind giving you their contact details in order to get the freebie.

Offer something that completely relates to your topic. You are the one that will decide what kind of list you will build by creating the proper call to action and giving away something that will define your market. You decide the interests of the audience by telling them what are they going to get for just providing the contact information.

If you want to know more about how to set up a Facebook Page and what Apps to use to insert your optin form codes, you could easily get instant access to my training guide and then you will know exactly how to do it.

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