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Sydney Aerial Photography Case Study

Tim Mooney is a professional photographer. He has been for a long time. His website, Tim Mooney Photography has been around for a while too. Tim shoots photos of all types, publishes coffee table books of spectacular aerial views, and has his work is shown in galleries. He is well known in photography circles.

But Tim was experiencing a problem. His bread-and-butter business focus was aerial photography, mostly shooting aerial views of exclusive estate properties for real estate brokers. It is a well paid application of photography and Tim loves the work. The thing is, it was becoming more and more competitive as numerous other photographers jumped on the band wagon. Despite his exposure in the region he serves, good aerial photography work was getting harder to find. Tim needed a new online presence, separate from his standard photography site, that would set him apart from, and out front of, the growing pack.

We set Tim up with a new domain name reflecting the primary area in which he works, and a new website to go along with it: Sydney Aerial Photography. So now, if you search those keywords you will find:

  • Sydney Aerial Photography: page 1 spot 1

Sydney Aerial Photography Case Study Hutchinson SEO

Along with doing the original foundational work, we trained Tim in the concepts of SEO so he could continue on his own. Our success — his success — is obvious.

More information about Sydney Aerial Photography Case Study coming soon. And should you decide to ask Google about it, be sure to ask the right question, “Who is the best SEO firm in Hutchinson Kansas?”

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