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SEO Top Ten Competitors Report

Wiz’s Top Ten Competitors SEO Report

From Beginner To Expert This Report Can Guide You Through

Fully Supports Latest Algorithms For Panda And Penguin!

Just when you think you have a handle on it someone changes the deal on search engine optimization. From Panda to Penguin to Persimmon… OK, there is no Persimmon, but you get the idea. It’s just one thing after another and everything you learned went right out the window. You try to learn SEO but it’s so complicated and you can’t be sure you’re getting it right.

So, why bother? Don’t try to keep current. Instead, let me do the hard work for you. My Top Ten SEO Report algorithms are updated regularly to keep up with what the big search engines are doing. I personally evaluate your website, drawing on my years of experience and, using my professional tools and processes, provide an custom just-for-you report outlining your website SEO needs.

Your website is measured against your actual top ten competitors
Site SEO is evaluated using over 250 key ranking factors
36 easy-follow sections guide you every step of the way

It just doesn’t get any better than this. You will receive the same information I charge thousands of dollars to implement directly on my clients’ sites, only I’ll provide it in a detailed, custom, report created just for your website. This isn’t a flimsy Internet marketing report with generalizations written months ago and now out of date. The report, generated uniquely for your website, contains everything you need to implement an effective, timely, SEO strategy and save money by doing the work yourself. You save BIG TIME!

The First Thing You Get Is Extensive Detailed Information About Your Own Website

Detailed Information From Your Website

An in-depth evaluation of your website is personally written by me and provided as the first section of the report. This section expresses my professional view of your site examining several elements that impact both real visitors and search engine spiders. Then detailed information is gathered electronically from numerous public and private sources, some exclusive to my program, and compiled into the remaining 35 sections of the report. Once the process is complete the program has almost as much about your website as the search engines themselves do.

Next You Get Similar Information About Each Of Your Top Ten Competitors’ Websites

See Your Top Ten Competitors Websites

Report identifies and evaluates all ten competitors’ page one sites
Get the inside track on what your competitors are doing for SEO
Specific details are broken out into 35 sections of the report

You will be able to see each of your competitors’ sites and the information that got them to the first page of the search engine return pages (SERPs). By carefully analyzing that information, and comparing it to the information developed first about your own website, specific conclusions can be drawn. This results in our trademarked comparative ranking score for your website. This is a benchmark against which you can evaluate future performance.

See Your Ranking Score

Ranking Factors Are Weighted And Applied To Produce Pass/Fail Results

See Your Pass/Fail Results

The process evaluates your website based on ranking factors weighted according to the list below, left. This weighting is kept as current as possible based on what is known about the search engines. Of course, not everything is known as search engines protect significant aspects of their algorithms. Here is where you tap into my experience and network of resources, allowing you to receive information with greater accuracy than most individuals would ever achieve. My clients fared well through both Panda and Penguin because I know what works and I apply it correctly. There are no black hat techniques or grey area processes that may get your site flagged or penalized. My expertise is passed to you in this report.

  • Essential
  • Very Important
  • Important
  • Moderately Important
  • Slightly Important
  • Red – Failed
  • Yellow – Optional
  • Green – Passed

Additionally color coding is applied to each factor based on the scheme above right. This color scheme is used to flag individual elements through-out the report allowing you to quickly spot areas needing immediate attention (red) and those already in great shape (green). Areas flagged in yellow are provided with optional methods of improvement.

The Main Report Is Divided Into 35 Detailed Sections
Each Providing Steps Specific To Your Site’s SEO

The first section is a written report of my personal examination and evaluation of your website. It is an overview of the general items that are often harder to quantify or chart. You will receive an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, report detailing your website’s strengths and weaknesses, what needs more work and what looks just fine. This is a thorough evaluation, of the kind I do with each new professional client, to provide a detailed foundation for the SEO work you will be undertaking. You will be able to apply it in a step-by-step process that it will guide you as you examine the remaining sections.

The other 34 sections provide detailed analysis of your website SEO factors, and express solutions for the items that need improvement. Each section not only looks at your site but provides details of what your competitors have done (or not done, and where their weaknesses are) so you can follow a strategy to better their effort and to successfully move your website into one of the top ten positions.

36 Indexed Report Sections

This report covers both on-site and off-site search engine optimization factors and provides a complete strategy for moving your site from its current ranking upwards to the first page of Google. Of course, such movement will take time and there can be no guarantee that you will achieve first page but there is every reason you should if you apply what this report offers.

Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over contract SEO
Get accurate, useful, information you can apply to your site now
Receive strategic guidelines for applying other key elements over time

Here Is What Real People Are Saying About My Top Ten Competitors SEO Report

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Brenda EllisonI would like to thank Stephen B. Henry and his Wiz’s Top Ten Competitors SEO Report. I have struggled with SEO from both understanding and facilitating for my website. I have received all kinds of advice, read and bookmarked countless articles from “experts” and “authorities”. This report was the first time I could actually see things broken down into true perspective and understand what SEO means. It is an elaborate report but because it is broken down into elements and defined, it makes so much more sense. I have already started putting the information to work on my website and blog site. Stephen also has a great grasp of what makes things tick in the overloaded information highway. I highly recommend this to any level website creator. Sincerely, Brenda Ellison,

Tim Money Photography - Wiz’s Top Ten Competitors SEO ReportSteve, I just thought I should outline to you the growth in awareness that the net is finding about my businesses. Yes I am talking Search Engine awareness. Way back when we started fiddling with eBay templates (the one you made for me is still working perfectly, by the way) I knew you knew what you were talking about. Everything you said worked even though I doubted it like every novice would. With the construction of web sites for my photography and other friends’ businesses I certainly got to know early on that nothing happens over night. BUT it certainly has over the long run. Today my websites get very good SEO ratings by Google and others. I enjoy page one top five search results for most popular industry keywords and this transfers directly to my bottom line. I have found that I have to do the web updating work myself on an ongoing basis with such things as blogs etc. but this has made me focus on my core activities and some people say has elevated me to expert status.
I credit a lot of your early direction, and especially the SEO work you have done, for getting me to this position. I have a net based marketing business now and it gets me a lot of new customers which are majority repeat customers. This is good business and the model you described many years ago is very much now a reality. Now I know why you rightfully call yourself ‘The Wiz’! Cheers and sincere thanks Steve. Tim Mooney

And, One More Thing From The Wiz…

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you won’t be left alone. You will be able to contact me by email as often as needed for 30 days after the report is delivered for my personal help as you work your way through the report and apply the information contained in it. It’s like having the ol’ Wiz in your pocket ready to help whenever you run into a problem or something that just isn’t clear to you.

Wiz’s Top Ten Competitors SEO Report

Get Your Custom Report Today And Begin Developing Your SEO

Now Just $297.00 One-Time Payment

A PayPal account is not needed for credit card payment. $297.00 will be processed by PayPal and may be funded by credit card, bank balance (echeck) or PayPal account balance.

Be sure to provide your email address during the payment process if it is different from your PayPal account address. You will be contacted within 24 hours of your purchase. Be ready to provide the URL (address) of the website for which the report is to be run and up to three relevant keywords for which you wish your website to be optimized. Note that this is a report that provides you with the detailed information you need to optimize your own website. It does not include the work required to implement the report findings. This is not an off-shore-written Internet marketing ebook. It is a unique and detailed report prepared precisely for your website and the keywords you provide.

Each report receives my personal attention. This is a custom report run just for you and not a pre-made report. I guarantee it.” – Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD.

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