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SEO Keywords: Why Are They Important?

Not only are keywords foundational for any SEO strategy, they are the place most SEO campaigns begin. When it comes to keywords you need to use an effective analytic approach. Imagine, visualize, your potential website visitor. Who is your target client or customer? What kind of search query will they enter when looking for the products and/or services you offer? You cannot optimize a web page for hundreds of different terms. If you try you will be optimizing it for nothing. You need to select just one or two keywords. It is why they are called key words. You must be detailed and your analysis and specific in your choice. Select exactly the right keyword that is most likely to be searched by a number of people looking for what you offer.

Important Factors For Keywords

Three important things to keep in mind when selecting the right keywords are the following:

  • frequency
  • competition
  • relevance.

Typically, as the relevance and/or frequency of use for any keyword (or keyword phrase) goes up, as the value of that keyword increases, so the competition for it also increases. you need to factor this into your selection process when picking the right keywords for you website. Sometimes the top keywords for relevance or frequency are not the top choice for you. Sometimes there is so much competition already in place that you will not be able to score well for them. Keep this in mind. It is a necessary part of your SEO strategy. Here is where professional understanding and input can be important to your ultimate results.

Keyword research is unquestionably one of the most important, most foundational, parts of any SEO strategy or campaign. Optimizing for the right keywords will bring the right traffic. The right traffic will increase conversions. Which is better, 1000 site visitors per day with not a single sale, or 100 visitors per day with 10% of them actually buying something? Getting the right traffic begins with getting the right keywords.

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