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SEO Introduction
To Search Engine Optimization

Whether you have created your own website already, or you are planning to create one in the near future, you know that is only half the battle. Getting online is relatively easy these days. Almost anyone can do it, including doing it by themselves. The other half of the proverbial equasion is getting traffic to your website. And not just any traffic, either. We all want good traffic, converting traffic to find, visit, and spend time on our websites. This SEO introduction will opent the door to just that!

In most cases getting this second part done means your website must be found in the top pages of the major search engines, hopefully page one, but at worst no more than five to ten pages down. Many website owners strive for this in the hope of attracting those interested in the type of products or services they offer. With only ten spots at most on the page of the search engine return pages (SERPs) for each keyword, there is stiff competition and no one can guarantee you a spot there — especially not the first spot.

Although there are a variety of ways for a website owner to have their website be found, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is most often called, is still the leading method of developing natural (organic) traffic. Through the use of effective SEO tactics and strategies, applied consistently over time, you can improve your search engine rankings for important terms (keywords) used on your site. In this manner you can gain more traffic to your website so you can do more business. The better your SEO efforts to more accurately reflect the true nature of your business the higher converting (the more valuable) the traffic brought to your website will be. For many, a website like this is their first SEO introduction.

That, in a net shell, is what SEO is all about. How you go about it is what this website, and my professional service, is all about. Of course, anyone can do SEO. You can certainly do your own website search engine optimization, but the question has to be, do you want to spend your valuable time learning and applying SEO instead of working on those aspects of your business you cannot hire done? In most cases it is worth the price to hire a good professional to get your SEO done right.

SEO Introduction And More…

Besides my professional work on the subject, I am routinely asked to give SEO advice and tips, and I often write SEO related blog posts on my own sites, and as a guest blogger on the blogs of others. I am most willing to share good information on optimizing your website for search engines — more than just an SEO introduction. Even though I charge for my services, there are some things you can most readily do yourself. I prefer to work in cooperation with the website owner and not in some mystic vacuum. In this manner, my results — your results — are better and you are a happier client for it.

This is a new website located in Hutchinson KS, with a focus on SEO for businesses also here in Hutchinson Kansas. In fact, this is just my second post on the site and begins a process of SEO introduction. I have gathered up many of my earlier writings on the subject and I am getting ready to add many new ones to the mix as well. I’ll be post these, and more, over the coming days and weeks. This will be a compilation of posts and other articles from previous work and new concepts and strategies developed more recently. The resulting content of this site may overlap somewhat with my other websites and published work (ebooks, reports, softcover books, etc.) but will all take a new approach as SEO has changed and matured over the past several years. Understanding where it has been, where it is now, and where it is going, makes for solid optimization which stands the test of time and the changes, like Panda and Penguin, made by search engines to their algorithms.

Shortly I will dive into the SEO tips themselves, and give you my definitions for SEO, SEM, keywords, back links, and more. I’ll also cover some of the most common SEO terms and give you explanations in plain old English, no Geek Speak! This knowledge will help set the stage for everything that follows. Together we will improve your website visibility, solidify your brand recognition, and increase your organic traffic and conversions. I look forward to meeting you and developing a professional SEO program for your website(s). This SEO introduction is the starting point.

SEO Basics Tips For Small Business Owners
by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.
An SEO Introduction
Available Free On This Site

Hutchinson SEO Introduction – The Best In Kansas!

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