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The services offered are important for anyone seeking good SEO. Hutchinson businesses are no exception. I have seen some pretty involved lists that may seem somewhat mystic to the uninitiated and I’ve seen prices being quoted that are all over the map. How can you know if you are being offered a good deal, a good price, a good service? It seems to be all just a roll of the dice.

Available SEO Hutchinson Services

It is important to keep up to date and offer quality service in a number of areas. Here is a list from a competitor offering a complete SEO package for $800.00 a month.

  • Blog Writing Links
  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Links
  • Classified Listings
  • Social Bookmarking Links
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Linkedin Account Setup
  • Youtube Account Setup
  • Dailymotion Account Setup
  • Vimeo Account Setup
  • Reports
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Number of Pages
  • Number of Keywords
  • On-page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Robots.txt Submission
  • H1 Tag Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Fix Canonical Issue
  • Google Webmaster Creation
  • Google Analytic Creation
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Blog Writing

That’s a fairly comprehensive list and the price may at first seem reasonable. Especially if you have been courted by one of the so-called higher end companies that has quoted you several thousand dollars for your SEO Hutchinson services. But there is more here than just numbers can convey.

First, you need to know that the company in question is foreign based. In India, to be exact. That means that $800 is, to them, like a few thousand dollars would be here. But it also means less training, less familiarity with the English language, and less (if any!) understanding of the way we do business.

Oh, I know, most people in India speak English. It is the language of commerce and law in that country. It is a hold-over from the days of the British Empire when Britannia ruled the waves, and all that. But if you have ever read anything written by a local from India — at least most of them — you will notice quite quickly it is not the Queen’s English, nor is it American. And that is an important issue for content being written for inclusion on your website or for distribution on your behalf across the web and in social media.

You should also know that many so-called local or American-based companies are often just a profit center. They may in fact out-source the actual SEO work to a cheaper off-shore operation and pocked the difference. Be sure you know the real source of the work being done.

For effective SEO Hutchinson services you need a company that can deliver good ol’ American. You need a company that lives where you live and works were you work. If you need and expect local traffic to your website you need SEO Hutchinson experts that can speak to your local market and bring that traffic to your website. It is about understanding. At Hutchinson SEO, we understand!

But understanding is only half the package. Our SEO Hutchinson services list is pretty much like the one above. We offer all of those services and a few more. But it’s not just a package deal generated from an IT sweat shop. We tailor our SEO efforts into a custom service that speaks to exactly your needs. It is also about you and your business.

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