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It’s a little like the shoemaker who never seemed to have time to make shoes for his children. To be honest, I have been remiss in my duties of keeping a search optimization program going for this site. There are good reasons for that, which I’ll share below. One of the key things that has done, or not done, is I never got around to the keyword phrase: SEO Hutchinson KS. Just what does that mean?

SEO Hutchinson KS SR71 Cosmosphere
SEO Hutchinson KS – SR-71 Blackbird At Hutchinson Cosmosphere

Why No SEO Hutchinson KS Keyword Phrase?

First of all, why did it happen? In the first instance, I have been trying to simplify my online footprint. I simply have too many domains and websites. Not that having a lot of domains and websites is a bad thing! In fact, it is helpful for SEO and for just being more easily found. It does, however, take much more work. At one point I had over 30 active websites. For a solopreneur operation that is just too many to handle well. I’ve been working hard to reduce that number to under a dozen and optimally eight. I’m getting there. In doing so, I’ve redirected much of the old links to my primary business website, WizardsPLace.

Additionally, it seemed I would be leaving the Hutchinson KS area so this site wouldn’t be needed. I had begun the process of that consolidation when I realized I still needed this site for teaching purposes. It was, in fact, the “living” example of a concept I taught others about search and the whole SEO Hutchinson KS thing was an important part of that. So here I am working on this site again.

Birth Of A Challenge

As you can read in the case studies section, this whole site was built as an example of how good SEO can really be applied. It was kind of a test, a proof if you will, and I needed to keep it around. One of my competitors, Empeerean SEO, seems eager, even desperate, to control the whole Hutchinson SEO keyword thing. There’s a reason for that going back to some of his advertising. You can read about that in the case study.

Anyway, he has a page on his website that provides three keyword phrases he says you should search to find him at the top of the page — “Hutchinson SEO” or “SEO Hutchinson KS” or “Hutchinson SEO Expert“ — thus proving he is the superior SEO Hutchinson KS professional. The thing is, only one of those three actually has him in spot one, and even on that page my site is in the map displayed above at the top of the the page and he isn’t. Wow!

So, not only do I dominate search results for most phases relating to Hutchinson SEO, I actually get first spot for two out of three of his own selected, and promoted, keyword phrases that you should use to find him! Which brings us back to this post and my renewed activity here on this site.

Why Active With SEO Hutchinson KS Again?

Well, I just figured, since I’m going to be around the Hutch area a little longer, and since I am keeping the Hutchinson SEO website active anyway, I might as well do what I do best and grab that third keyword phrase and get my own site on spot one for it. So, it’s February 19, 2017, today. I won’t be working at it quite as hard at it as I did in the case study as there is just no need. I’ve already proved my point and I already dominate most of the search returns for the various related phrases, but there is the principle of the thing. So let’s keep an eye out to see just how long it takes.

I don’t have a guess, nor would I put money on it, but I’m pretty confident it won’t be too long until the search phrase SEO Hutchinson KS returns this site, Hutchinson SEO, at the top of the page. Care to watch?

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