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SEO Hutchinson Expert Staying Current

The recent Search Engine Marketing Expo, held this year in San Jose, provided an amazing look at where search is going in 2015. Search marketing and search optimization were key among the topics covered. As an SEO Hutchinson expert it is my responsibility to stay current on these things. It is also my desire to share them with you so you can stay current, apply them yourself, or just be able to understand what is going on when you hire quality search engine optimization services.

SEO Hutchinson Expert Keyword Analysis

The old style of keyword analysis involving Adwords keyword planner to determine suitable niche keywords and find search volume and competition just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today it is all about your client and/or customer demographics. You need to introduce intense customer profiling into the mix to seriously understand your target audience.

Understanding who your customers really are will let you better craft the kind of content that will support their interests. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women are likely to use different keywords than men, not only because they are searching for different things, but even when searching for the same thing! You will want to adapt your search engine optimizationg to account for this.

SEO Hutchinson Expert Customer Analysis

So, before you do any structured keyword analysis, you will want to first consider appropriate customer analysis. You may at first think your resources are limited in that regard but you will be pleasantly surprised to find you have many tools at your immediate disposal. Here are just three suggestions, which will likely bring others to mind:

  • Consider how people, particularly your potential clients and/or customers, speak to others about their wishes, wants, and needs, in relation the product/service range you offer, through watching how they interact with others using social media.
  • Secure a front line view of how your clients and/or customers speak about their situations, needs, and results from your service representatives, receptionists, and sales people.
  • Briefly interview a cross-section of your prospective clients and/or customers paying attention to the words they use when explaining their take on your brand, products, services, and especially their specific needs.

Customer Feedback - SEO Hutchinson Expert
Customer Feedback – SEO Hutchinson Expert

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