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Online Presence Perspectives Has New Focus

Not only does Online Presence Perspectives have a new focus, it also has a new owner. Cassandra J. Henry, who bills herself as a “Wholistic Cyber-Creation Consultant, Freelance Writer, Copy-editor, Reiki Healer, Jewellery Maker, Mom, Woman, Survivor, CEO of her own Life and Story” brings her expertise into clear focus and provides an entirely new perspective on the online presence scene.

Online Presence Perspectives Renewed

Starting with the basics that include blogging, websites, and social media, Cass is delivering a renewed perspective with a number of blog posts that are pure gold. You do not want to miss this site. Especially not with all it has to offer.

Online Presence Perspectives Cass Cassandra J Henry Social Media OPP

The OPP website used to belong to our own Steve/wiz but wanted more time to work on WizardsPlace and, besides, we keep him pretty busy here with all the search optimize stuff he does. He decided to let the other site go, moving much of the content (done correctly with redirects!) to his WizardsPlace site. The transfer is still under way and Cass is deep into the site redesign and deployment of new content.Cass is also working with Steve on a major project called Content Creation Workshop. A year in the making, it is the equivalent of a college level course in content creation, development, and deployment. We will have more to write about this when it launches later this month.

Cass is no doubt in the game and will bring fresh new ideas to the mix. Her key insights and top level presentation style will be a breath of fresh air in the oh-so-overloaded market place. We are sincere in our keen interest in what will be coming next from her unique mind and her take on online presence perspectives.

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