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Hutchinson SEO Keywords Selection

Here at Hutchinson SEO keywords are a major part of the work we do. They are not the only important thing when working with SEO. Sometimes you get to pick your keywords and sometimes they pick you. Let’s look at a few examples.

Hutchinson SEO Keywords – Examples

In order to take a look at keyword examples we will use a real client website. Tammy sells teen pinups. These are mostly magazine pages and inserts from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and the current decade. There is big demand for these and she makes daily sales from her website at

Because of the large number of important keywords, and the vast array of competitors in the teen pinup field, we have worked for many months and continue still with an on-going SEO program. The results have proven the process and our strategy, however.

The keyword, teen pinups, is pretty generic. It is a lot like model photography, or diamond jewelry, or pet gifts. It seems to be everywhere. With this much competition many SEO companies will tell you it is not worth the effort to go after. The thing is, when it is the keyword that best describes what you are offering, you want those high-converting searchers to end up at your website and not the competitions. YOU want their business. Perhaps those other SEO companies just don’t know how to get there from here.

Here at Hutchinson SEO keywords, all keywords, are important to us, and we have learned the best strategies — and even developed a few of our own — to get to the first page in the SERPs. We believe this is important even for the most generic of keywords; the ones for which other SEO companies give up.

Searching Google for teen pinups

produces about 857,000 results. That’s a bunch. But Ztams fares pretty well in those numbers. The first page (see below) shows five returns, four of them hold the top four spots!

Let’s try a few other not-so-generic keywords. Corey Haim is a popular choice. Searching for corey haim pinup we find a little over 78,000 results. Ztams gets only one spot on the first page for this keyword. It just happens to be the first!

Another popular teen idol from the past is David Cassidy. Searching for the keyword david cassidy pinup returns about 429,000 results. Eat your heart out, Corey Haim! Ztams gets two of those coveted page one spots, but this time down one at numbers 2 and 3. That’s still not bad at all!

Let’s try one more, a young lady this time. Well, not so young any more, though she was at the time. A search for marie osmond pinup returns about 102,000 results. Ztams again gets two spots but farther down the page. This time they are spots 7 and 8, which is why we are still working.

Hutchinson SEO Keywords Screen Captures

Here are four screen captures of the Google search results referenced above. Click each to see a large view (or you can do the search yourself). Search results vary geographically, over time, and for other reason. These are actual search results in Hutchinson, Kansas, on December 6, 2014.

Hutchinson SEO Keywords Teen Pinups Hutchinson SEO Keywords Corey Haim Pinup Hutchinson SEO Keywords David Cassidy Pinup Hutchinson SEO Keywords Marie Osmond Pinup
        teen pinups               corey haim pinup         david cassidy pinup       marie osmond pinup

Of course, you can surely find a number of teen star names for which Ztams does have available pinups and yet they won’t be on page one of the Google SERPs. Maybe not even page two or three. We deliberately chose a client site that is a work in progress in order to show you what we can do, while making it clear that total SEO is an on-going process, not something done once and then abandoned. Anyone who promises you spot one on page one on Google after one SEO site revision is either fibbing a little or referring to easy, unique, keywords like your business name, something anyone could do.

For Hutchinson SEO keywords matter. But, more than that, it’s keywords that relate to the service, product, or information being provided. We could choose easier keywords. We might even get better placement for them. What matters, though, is the right keywords; the kind that translate into sales. For YOU!

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