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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process. First, there are many big search engines and they tend to set the rules. Most of all Google, representing somewhere over 60% of all organic search world wide, is the prize to aspire for. If you are on the first page of Google’s search engine return pages then you are most likely on the first page of any of the other major search engines. This is not always the case but it holds true often enough to mean that shooing for Google first is not a bad approach.

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Search Engine Optimization Factors

Over all there are several hundred factors that are taken into consideration by search engines when indexing and reporting website content. Some of these factors are known publicly, while many remain unknown, guarded carefully by the search engine companies like some secret sauce for a fast-food burger. I break these factors in to three main groups as follows:

Known Factors There are a large number of factors that have become known over time and are publicly available and readily shared. Things like keyword densities, and the use and positioning of keywords in document content, titles and meta tags. Generally these are consistent and reliable factors that can be applied readily to website pages.

Unknown Factors While many factors are known, there is still a large body of them that remains closely protected by the search engine companies and, while we can guess at, or even test for, them we can never be absolutely sure. The understanding of what these factors may logically be leads to a variety of black hat and white hat strategies and tactics for optimization.

Tested Factors are those factors that have been discovered through careful, and repetitive, testing of gains against actions. While we can never be 100% sure of the veracity of these findings, some of these factors do become public knowledge, some remain private, shared only among SEO professionals, and others remain shrouded in secrecy, held clost to the vest by those trying to eek out the last nuance of edge in the game.

Of course even the known and tested factors can change over time as search engine companies change there existing algorythms and/or roll out entirely new ones. You may have heard of Penguin and Panda, to major changes to the way Google handled indexing and search results that caught many website owners, and even some professional SEO practitioners, with their proverbial pants down. Well designed sites, using white hat SEO stratagies, will seldom be negatively affected by such changes or roll-outs. It is important to know in which type of SEO your chosen provider engages.

No one can honestly guarantee getting your website positioned in the top pages of the SERPs, and especially not the first page. Remember, there are only ten spots on Google’s first page (any page) and there are hundreds, even thousands, of serious business owners just like you either practicing their own SEO or hiring professionals to do it for them. Either way, they are all fighting for those 10 spots on page one. Even if you get to page one, others will be constantly fighting to push you off.

Hutchinson SEO Guarantee

At Hutchinson SEO we pledge to work as hard, and as professionally, as we know how, using only white hat strategies and tactics, in order to get you the best positioning in the SERPs that is possible to achieve for the budget you are willing to commit to the process. That is a real and honest pledge that we can, and will, deliver. While we do not offer refunds as we will have committed significant time and resources in the initial stages of any SEO program we undertake, our monthly programs are not contractual and you may cancel at any time, for any reason.

For every client we have had we have been able to get most, or all, of their keywords returning on page 1 of Google’s SERPs and, in most instances they have returned in one or more of the top 5 spots (above the fold) on page 1. While we cannot guarantee the same results for your business, as each situation is unique, we do know the correct methods and techniques to make this happen if at all possible and will apply those diligently to your purpose.

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