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Hutchinson SEO Case Study Kansas

This site is actually pretty remarkable. it shouldn’t be considered definitive proof of what is always possible or likely. This Hutchinson SEO case study is a true accounting of what we did with this site. It utilizes our typical SEO process and these actual results are quite gratifying. Can this happen for you? For your website? We cannot guarantee it. And perhaps it will not happen this quickly. But we will apply the same techniques we always use, exactly as we use them on our own websites now. Your results should be similar to this Hutchinson SEO case study.

We have been directly involved in search engine optimization for a little over ten years now. Most of that has been entirely through our sister business, Our Hutch Web Services. As such we have operated globally. Most of our work has been with sites across the U.S. We have also worked with clients in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. In the past we have done only a little work here in Hutch.

That all changed this November (2014) when we decided to go into the new year beginning a separate operation with a focus on website work. This would include website creation, design, management, security, and especially search engine optimization. At the beginning of December some things happened to further that decision and this past Saturday, December 6, found me checking for available business and domain names.

It seemed like a reach but I checked the obvious, Hutchinson SEO. The DBA was no problem but surely the domain name,, would be taken. To my absolute amazement, and great pleasure, it turned out to be available. I carefully checked the spelling to see if I had made a typo or some other error and then immediately paid for a two year registration. The first year was just $2.99 if I paid for the second year at regular price at the same time. It seemed like a no brainer.

I really wasn’t thinking about a Hutchinson SEO case study at that time and actually went for two days without preserving details of what was happening. We don’t have Google screen caps of the first 48 hours. On the sixth I registered the domain name, created a hosting account, and installed a website. WordPress CMS was our package of choice, mostly because of its near flawless flexibility but, in part, due to its great SEO characteristics. I began adding content and with five pages now in place I called it a night.

Hutchinson SEO Case Study Domain Registration

Registration 1 Hutchinson SEO Case Study
Hutchinson SEO Case Study Domain Registration Information

Sometime over night Google indexed our site and by morning we were showing up well down page two of Google SERPs (spot 9) for the term Hutchinson SEO. Not bad for less than 24 hours. I added a couple blog posts and by late afternoon we now occupied spots 6 and 7. A little more work on content and I left it for another night.

By Monday mid-day we had just crept onto page one and were showing up in spots 9 and 10 on that page. Tuesday, the 9th, is my birthday and the site continued to move upward. A friend and colleague suggested I should keep track of details for our first Hutchinson SEO Case Study. I did exactly that, starting with this screen capture showing Hutchinson SEO now in spots 5 and 6 on page one.

But that wasn’t the end of my birthday present. Our daughter dropped over and the three of us went out for lunch. Shortly after arriving home I checked Google again and there was the site, sitting smartly in spot one on page one. Happy Birthday to me! And all this in not quite 72 hours.

Page One Spot One Dec 9 Afternoon
Hutchinson SEO Case Study Monday Afternoon Google Page One Spot One
(three in blue at top are paid spots)

Now that is a fast rise. In fact it is an extremely fast rise. Such quick positions are seldom secure so I do expect a little fluctuation but it shows me what to expect and my next efforts will be working to secure that first spot and, ultimately, to get more than one spot on the first page for the Hutchinson SEO keyword and several others. Google can be pretty stingy with those extra spots so it will likely take some serious work. That, of course, is what we do.

By midnight on Tuesday, December 9, our site was back to position 5. This reflects normal bounce for a new site, and is also indicative of other site owners taking responsive action. Because the competitive sites in this case are owned by other SEO professionals it is not unexpected that they would take notice of a new player on the block. That they should take competitive action to protect their own position against a fast rising site is to be expected.

However, though we had fallen back to page 1, spot 5, we had also regained our second page in the SERPs (page 1 spot 6). In addition we added a third one of our pages on page 1 spot 7. This means we had reduced our own competition on page 1 to just seven others. Our exposure was excellent, as shown in this Hutchinson SEO case study screen capture:

Hutchinson SEO Dec 9 Midnight

Wednesday continued with up and down positioning as Google tried to make up it’s mind where the various sites should go in its indexing. I continued to add appropriate content and worked on other issues. Thursday morning, not quite five full days into the process, was certainly worth waking up to. Google now showed Hutchinson SEO in spots one and two on page one — the first time we had two spots at the very top of the page (just below the paid ads) — but what was even more interesting was where Yahoo was showing us.

I wasn’t concentrating on Yahoo. I have found that what you do for Google in the initial stages will work pretty well for Yahoo and you can tweak things later if needed. My philosophy was proven true on Thursday morning as well. As shown in the screen caps below, Hutchinson SEO – the real — is right at the top of both search engines, occupying both spots one and two on each. Click the images for a larger view.

Hutchinson SEO Case Study Day 5 Google Hutchinson SEO Case Study Day 5 Yahoo

It’s still early — just five days — and others will be working hard to reclaim those spots. There will still be bounce, and many of the search engines, especially Google, return results that factor in your search habits, so your results at any given time may be slightly different than those shown here, but there is no doubt that good SEO practices, both on site and off site, can succeed in getting your website into the top pages of the SERPs. If we can do it competing with other SEO companies, then you have to know we can do it for your website competing with other businesses in your niche.

Hutchinson SEO Case Study Update Feb 5, 2015.

It has been two full months now since I registered the new domain name, set up this website, and started this Hutchinson SEO Case Study. Over the last two months I have continued with usual on-going SEO procedures as I might for any client and the results continue to be impressive. Here’s a screen capture of the top four spots in Google for the term Hutchinson SEO (the target of the Hutchinson SEO Case Study) taken this afternoon:

Hutchinson SEO Feb 5, 2015
Hutchinson SEO Case Study

And, just in case you can’t see it, that’s us in the top spot. It’s still not solid yet, and results may vary, but we continue to gain strength and can be found in the top spots for a variety of likely keyword phrases. We simply own the page (along with a handful of our sister businesses in the Our Hutch LLC. group), holding 9 out of the 10 spots for the search term Best SEO in Hutch, at least according to this post on the Pious Advertising website. We are pretty happy with that.

Watch here for more updates to this Hutchinson SEO Case Study as they become available. And when someone says, “Let the search engine be the arbiter!” be sure you ask the right question, the only question that matters, “Who is the best SEO practitioner in Hutchinson KS?”

Hutchinson SEO Kansas KS