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Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, tells us a little about Hutchinson Kansas. It is the largest city in Reno County, Kansas. It is also the county seat. Hutchinson and its sister city, South Hutchinson, sit astride the Arkansas River. Hutch is what the locals call it. It has been home to as many as 47 salt mines since salt was first discovered in South Hutch in 1887. From this it gets its other nickname of Salt City. Current city population is a little under 45,080. Of course if you are from Hutch you already knew all this.

You also likely know that each year Hutchinson hosts the Kansas State Fair, and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Basketball Tournament, and two national motor home association gatherings. It is also the proud home of the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center aerospace museum. Strataca (formerly known as Kansas Underground Salt Museum) is also located in Hutch. Well, it is actually under Hutch! Salt caverns deep underground maintaining a constant temperature and humidity. They are perfect to warehouse many national treasures, original films (including the Wizard of Oz), and other important, and often irreplaceable, documents.

Hutchinson Kansas A Great Place To Live

Hutchinson Kansas is also a great place to live. It is just busy enough to have all the necessary services. These include businesses, and other amenities that sustain local residents and draw others from around the region. There are grocery stores, department stores, specialty shops, museums, nature trails, movie theaters, bars and other entertainment, hotels, motels, and a wide selection of restaurants from local fare to national chains. Hutch is a mixed bag of all that is good about America. It is especially representative of the American Heartland.

Hutchinson Kansas SEO – Serving Your Business Website Needs

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