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When it comes to being found in business, you have heard it said, “Location! Location! Location!” And it’s true. But today, location isn’t about Main Street ar the mall. It is all about the first page of Google, and preferably above the fold. Google acconts for over 80% of the search search activity online. All other search engines combined, including Yahoo and Bing, Account for the remaining 18% or so.

Being found on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, is completely within your control. It is not just that lots and lots of people click on your web site (high traffic), or your keywords you have selectively placed on your pages, or even the number of backlinks you have. It is highly coordinated dance of content and process and timing. Using a complex algorithm, or formula, search engines evaluate your website, and other componant factors, determining the relevance and authority represented by what you offer. Search engines want your website to be found. And they want the best search results to be on the first page. But, even if your business is the only one of its kind in Hutchinson Kansas, there are still plenty of competitors for the ten spots (or so) on the first page of the search engine return pages (SERPs). Even if you are the only one, you are still competing with Angie’s list, numerous online directories, and even similar businesses in Hutchinson MN.

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Hutchinson Kansas SEO

To beat out these entries, and many others, all shooting for those top spots, you need to tell the search engine what your business is about, where you are located, and several other factors. You need to define the nature of your business and prove your authority on the topic. And you must do this in all the right places, and in all the right ways, on your website. There are other steps, too, like links from other trusted websites that validate your authenticity. It is a digital dance and all the participants must be in place for it to flow smoothly.

This digital dance must not only be done right. Whether it’s in Hutchinson Kansas or somewhere across the country or around the world, it must be played out over time. It must run month to month, adding, adjusting, and reminding. The process isn’t just do it once and we’re done. Because others are always pushing to get to the top, trying to push you back down to the second, or third, or deeper, page where you won’t be as readily found, you need to keep an on-going SEO maintenance program in place. Without this your initial efforts will be lost.

It is always the website with the right factors, in the right places, and the strongest authority and position of strength that wins the SEO game. It is the one in the first position on the first page of the SERPs for the keywords people are using when they are searching for what you offer. And that’s what we do. We work hard, month after month, getting you to the top positions and keeping you there. The result is more people find you. More people visit you. More people become your clients and customers. That’s what Hutchinson SEO does. Right here in Hutchinson Kansas.

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Call Hutchinson SEO today, 620-728-1371. Let’s chat about your business, your website, and being found in all the right places online. Let us run a search engine optimization campaign for your website and get you in the top results in search.

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