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First Page Domination

For many the holy grail of SEO is the first spot on the first page of Google’s search engine return pages (SERPs). Yes, that’s a great place to be. With good SEO it is possible to get there, too. Some suggest that any place in the top three spots is equally good. That may be true. Somehow, though, spots two and three just don’t feel the same. But there’s more than just the first, second, or third, spots. It is possible to dominate the Google SERPs. That, truly, is the goal to strive for!

First Page Google SERPs Domination

It used to be possible to file the first page, or even multiple pages, with only your site pages for given keywords but Google has changed and no longer does that. When you have more than three pages from the same site on page one, and one of them is in spot one, Google aggregates them into a cluster display at the top, as shown in the image below.

From Website To Wealth Best Hutchinson SEO Experts
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In this case we searched for the brand, From Website To Wealth and many pages were found. The actual site pages were grouped together displaying the first page in the first spot on page one in the normal manner and then showing six more in a two-column display with a link to even more pages. This cluster display occupies the first three spots of the normal ten per page in the Google SERPs.

Besides providing a dominant display at the top of the first page, it also means that only seven other competitors can show up on the first page. That is significantly better than just first spot placement which allows nine competitors to share the first page.

Additionally, in this example, there are three more spots taken up by From Website To Wealth returns, though not primary site links. These are two facebook links (in the next two spots) and a comment link (in the last spot). Because of these there are only four possible competitors on the page. That really improves the likelihood of traffic generation and conversion.

Good SEO isn’t just about first spot placement. And domination isn’t really the goal. Your efforts towards search engine optimization, whether you hire it done or do it yourself, are really about getting enough exposure to be seen and, where possible, to limit the exposure of your competitors in the same results. This is most easily done when working with a brand, as above, but it can be accomplished with individual non-brand keywords.

The best Hutchinson SEO experts will be glad to help you with this either way. Come back to this site regularly for more information about search optimization and marketing. Watch for more video tutorials coming soon.

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