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How To Choose Suitable Web Hosting

What does how to choose suitable web hosting have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)? Quite a bit, really. The right foundation makes building the SEO program that much easier. Things like domain name registration, web hosting provider, and the website platform you choose can impact the success of your SEO campaign.

When you set out to choose suitable web hosting you will find a great deal of selection available. Four suitable web hosting services that come immediately to mind are:


Each of these hosting providers offer a range of services. You can choose suitable web hosting from among those four or any of the hundreds of others you will find with a quick Google search.

Choose Suitable Web Hosting Hutchinson Kansas SEO
Choose Suitable Web Hosting Hutchinson Kansas SEO

Domain Name Registration

Some people suggest keeping domain registration and website hosting separate. Others keep them together at the same service. There is no real technical reason for separating them so either way you choose is fine. You should probably register your domain name first but wait until you have functional hosting actually set up with the chosen domain name configured before setting the DNS nameservers. Be sure you know the status of any domain name provided by the company from which you choose suitable web hosting. You want to ensure up front that it is yours to take with you should you find you are required to move your hosting to another service later. Don’t wait until later — when it may be too late — to find out!

WordPress Support

There are hundreds of website building packages, customer CMS bundles, out of the box pre-made premium or open source offerings, and custom built, hand coded, websites to choose from. You should probably make this choice before you choose suitable web hosting. In this way you can pick a service that offers better support for your website package of choice.

These days WordPress is a pretty good choice, many might actually say the best choice, for building your website. We agree. Most of our clients either start with WordPress or end up upgrading to it. It is simply the best choice available today for most types of websites, from basic blogs to large ecommerce and membership sites.

Affordable Pricing

The number one reason stated by most people when they choose suitable web hosting is affordability. This is seldom best factor upon which to base selection. There are, however some good hosting services that also offer affordable pricing.

Suitable Resources

Having suitable resources is a more important factor when you choose suitable web hosting. Things like drive space, bandwidth, server cycles, page load speed, databases, certain software and scripts, and the like can be as, or more, important. Be sure you know what you need and select the web hosting service provider which can deliver those needs.

Up Time Guarantee

Most services post one but these numbers are really pretty meaningless. There are approximately 8800 hours in a year. A 99% up time, which sounds pretty good, means your website could be inaccessible for nearly four days and still be within this limit. Even four hours of down time can be critical to your business. A 99.9% up time could mean outages of more than 8 hours. Asking friends or others on social media doesn’t help much either. Just because a site hasn’t had any down time in the last two years doesn’t mean it isn’t about the have big problems just ahead. Stick with well know, well reviewed, and well regarded services and you should be fine.

Effective Tech Support

This is the really important bit. You need a service that can fix things when they break — because they will break. But you must also remember that when you choose suitable web hosting company or service you a picking the place where your website will be located, not necessarily the service that will build and/or manage your website. Unless you are paying significantly extra for a hosting package that includes site management, website failures or other problems will be up to you, or the web guy you hire for the job.

Website Development

Some web hosting companies offer automated web builder scripts as part of the hosting package. Some offer installation scripts for third-party CMS and other packages like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We recommend staying away from the web builders, and going with WordPress. There are other good packages, too, but be sure you know what you are getting into and why before you take that leap.

Many web hosting companies offer custom web design/build services, or are affiliated with other services which do. There can be issues with that sort of arrangement, not the least of which is price. Be sure you know what you are getting into. In most cases you can get better, cheaper, more reliable service outside of the hosting company, especially with larger operations.

Site Moving Services

If you choose suitable web hosting as replacement service for an existing hosting account you may need a website moving service to help you move your website. Some hosting companies offer this service for free (to entice you to come to them), some charge a fee for it, and some don’t offer it at all. Moving any website should be possible but moving a content management system (CMS) like WordPress is usually the easiest of all.

Free Web Hosting

There are many free web hosting opportunities and offers on the Internet. Some of them are reputable companies with ads running on television. We don’t suggest using these unless you are complete sure you know what the limitations and real costs, including the cost of upgrading later, are. Even then they are poor choices when you can get usually more suitable hosting services for at little as $48.00 per year.

The Keys To The Kingdom

Whether you choose suitable web hosting on your own or have your web design guy or someone else choose it, be sure you understand what is offered in the package, what services it provides and what access you should have. ALWAYS get the logins and passwords for ALL the various aspects of the service. Typically there will be some form of main account (or billing account) login, a control panel access (CPanel, Plesk, etc.), email service login(s), and your website back end or control panel (Dashboard in WordPress) login. You should know about, and control, full administration logins to each of these and any others that apply. You are paying for the service. Don’t let someone tell you that access to these isn’t available.

Before You Choose Suitable Web Hosting

Before you make a choice that is going to commit you to months of potential troubles, you may want to talk to a professional who can advise you. Hutchinson SEO will provide a free 30 minute consultation on this topic and even help you locate and handle subscribing to the best web hosting services for your needs. Before you stumble, let us help you choose suitable web hosting service that will protect your online presence into the future.

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