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Brief Introduction LinkedIn For Business

This quick video tutorial, with its bonus ebook report, offers an important overview brief introduction LinkedIn for business. Your Hutchinson SEO expert offers this whiteboard video which takes you through the key elements, and purpose, of LinkedIn. This is a powerful social media tool you should use to promote your professional business online.

Brief Introduction LinkedIn For Business Video

Click the link below to open the video player, click the screen to begin playback, then close the new browser window or tab to return to this page when you are done.

Video Transcript With Commentary

  1. What is LinkedIn? – LinkedIn is a social media network service with a focus on business-to-business oriented relationships and connections. It is a great place to meet others with similar businesses and interests to your own.
  2. LinkedIn Facts – Today there are over 300 MILLION users on LinkedIn. Over 40% of these users login to their LinkedIn accounts daily. 41% of LinkedIn members’ visits are from mobile devices.
  3. LinkedIn For Business Hutchinson SEO Expert

  4. LinkedIn Can Help You –
    1. Gain More Online Exposure – Your LinkedIn profile allows you to present quite a lot of information for others to see and the possible networking and interaction on the site means you can significantly increase your online exposure through the use of a LinkedIn account.
    2. Gain a Higher Level of Trust & Credibility – By carefully crafting your profile information (including graphics and video) and regularly expanding, and communicating with those in, your LinkedIn network you will develop and build upon your trust and credibility as more and more LinkedIn members get to know you.
    3. Generate New Leads and Sales – Although not specifically a lead generation platform, when used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful source of good leads, prospects, new clients, and resources, too!

Free Brief Introduction LinkedIn For Business Bonus Report

Brief Introduction LinkedIn For Business Hutchinson SEO Expert
LinkedIn For Business Combined Report
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Brief Introduction LinkedIn For Business Hutchinson SEO Expert

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