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Best Hutchinson SEO Experts? We Think So!

We’d like to think we are the best Hutchinson SEO experts. Of course, we know there are other SEO companies right here in Hutch and many others throughout the state, across the country, and around the world. All of them would like your SEO business. And you really should shop around to find the best SEO firm for your specific needs. Joshua Steimle, writing for Forbes Magazine, offers four tips on hiring the best SEO experts. Hutchinson KS business owners may find this information helpful in selecting the SEO firm they choose. Here are his four points.

  1. decide what you need
  2. get multiple consultations
  3. get case studies and references
  4. make the firm tell you stories

They may not be what you expect. The first one, deciding what you need, is pretty obvious. You know your own business and you know what you want. But, unless you know SEO as well, you may not know what actual SEO services you need to get the job done right. Some SEO providers are good at picking keywords that are easy to optimize and then getting you to the top spots on page one of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). But are those the keywords most people are actually searching to find what you offer? And it isn’t just about keywords, either. There is a wide range of services SEO professionals offer. These include:

  • link repair or removal
  • reputation management
  • a one time SEO audit
  • an ongoing SEO campaign
  • off-site link building
  • PPC management
  • retargeting
  • content development
  • content marketing
  • social media services
  • Internet marketing
  • brand development

and any of several dozen other services the best SEO firms most often offer. Figure out which of these services you will need. Also target your purpose for your SEO strategy. Is it sales growth? If so, how much? 10%? 20%? 50%? More? Whatever your plan, discuss it with your SEO provider and be sure they understand what you are seeking. First and foremost you need to be communicating with the SEO expert with whom you will be working over the coming months.

Getting multiple quotations seems like a no brainer but what is this multiple consultations thing? After you filter down to a handful of possible choices from simple online research or other means, you will want to contact each possible candidate. Talk to them. Send them a list of your questions. Expect knowledgeable, easily understood, complete answers. We got a client once who sent out a questionnaire to five potential SEO firms. Three ignored them. One said something to the effect of “I’m an SEO expert. I don’t have time to answer silly questions!” We answered all the questions clearly, added some suggestions, and got the job. Your questions are important. So are the answers!

Look, we want your business. Of course we do. But shop around a little. Be sure we are the right fit. Or not. And go with the company that can deliver on your needs. SEO isn’t just a package deal. A good SEO campaign is crafted to suit your precise circumstances, including goals, time frame, and budget, among other things. Discuss these with your shortlist of best SEO experts and see if they really can deliver. Then make your final choice.

Along the way, getting case studies and references is always a good idea. Of course you must understand two things:

  1. Any company will likely only give you their best references and will seldom tell you about their failures, and
  2. not every client will want their SEO service talking about them. SEO, and resulting SERP positioning, is very competitve and there will be some secrecy involved.

That said, there will always be happy SEO clients a firm can make available to you. Written testimonials are fine but anyone can type those. Are there actually companies, and individuals, you can speak with that will provide insight to the process and too your possible choice?

According to Steimle, in his Forbes article, the number one question you want answered from an SEO firm is “Are you going to help me get my job done?” As he puts it, “When you go climbing in the Himalayas you want an experienced Sherpa.” Along with expertise in the search optimization and marketing field, of course, you want an SEO expert who knows about business in general and, hopefully, who understands the nature and complexities of your business specifically. That’s rare. A lot of so-called SEO experts are computer geeks who fell into the field while building websites — or because they couldn’t build websites! Good SEO, indeed the best SEO, comes from quality SEO experts who also have a background in business.

Finally, Steimle referrs to telling stories. What the heck is that? Well, in part, it’s what we’re doing right here on this website. We’re telling you stories about what we do, what we have done, and what we can do for you. Just as you wouldn’t likely hire an employee based solely on their facebook or LinkedIn profile, you shouldn’t hire an SEO firm based solely on a few published facts or key phrases about the SEO business. You want to get to know the individual or individuals you will be working with over the coming months. Case studies, reference, and advertising pages are fine, but it is the stories that tell you most about them.

The Best Hutchinson SEO Experts

Of course written stores, like this one, could be written by anyone. This one happens to be written by Steve, our senior SEO go-to guy, but you can’t know that for sure. So, before you decide on the SEO service you will use, or which you think is the best SEO provider in Hutchinson or elsewhere, before you commit to a contract or undertaking, talk with the actual guy who will do your SEO. Meet face to face, at your place of business or, better, over a quiet coffee where you won’t be interrupted for an hour or so. If your provider is not local, or you don’t want to meet in person, call on the phone. Discuss your thoughts. Ask your questions. Expect information and answers, not geeky buzz words or hype.

Any good SEO provider will be willing to talk to you. Any good SEO practitioner will gladly tell you about themselves and their work. They should be willing to talk to you about their successes and their failures. They should be willing to provide details of what they will do and explain why it will take the time it will take. If the SEO firm you approach won’t answer your questions or give you the time to explore and explain the SEO campaign and strategy they will apply, then they aren’t the best Hutchinson SEO experts at all!

Hutchinson SEO – The Best SEO In Hutch!

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