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Beautiful Fairhope Case Study

Fairhope, Alabama, is a jewel of a town sitting on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay not too far up from the Gulf. It is a haven for artists, crafts people, artisans, antique vendors and collectors, and photographers. The beauty of the area, from the multitude of colors displayed by local birds and flowers, to the views of long piers stretching out into the water and spectacular sunsets. There is no question it is place of inspiration and art.

Beautiful Fairhope Case Study
Beautiful Fairhope Case Study Photo By Dan Therrell

Dan Therrell is a well-known member of the Fairhope community. He can be seen poking about craft tables and gift shops looking for something of interest, or walking along the old boardwalk south of town after a storm filling a bucket with bits of driftwood, seashells, and other goodies given up by the bay. He loves photography and is known as well for the beautiful scenes of Fairhope he regularly captures in his lens. Dan also builds websites for his several small business enterprises and to help others, especially artists, find their way online.

Dan generally doesn’t do SEO, so when he wanted his new website, Beautiful Fairhope to rank at the top of the SERPs for search phrases like Fairhope photographs, pictures of Fairhope, and the like, he called on someone he knew could handle the task. Along with the photo-related terms he also wanted to place well for more general searches of Fairhope Alabama, Fairhope AL, and just Fairhope.

Beautiful Fairhope Case Study: The Numbers

The proof, as my grandmother used to say, “is in the pudding.” If you search Google for relevant terms today, you will find usually somewhere in the top five spots on page one. For example, while writing this on December 10, 2014, I searched and found:

  • Fairhope photos: page 1 spot 1, and page 1 spot 2.
  • Fairhope photographs: page 1 spot 2.
  • pictures of Fairhope: page 1 spot 3, and page 1 spot 4.
  • scenes of Fairhope: page 1 spot 1, and page 1 spot2.

Dan is not a professional photographer, and does not advertise or otherwise promote himself as one. Like most other communities, professional photographers with content-rich websites abound in Fairhope and yet Dan’s site is still found on page one for this very competitive term:

  • Fairhope photography: page 1, spot 10.

You can try these and others, if you like. Oh, and for the city/state combination, here are my results:

  • Fairhope AL: page 1 spot 3, right after the City of Fairhope, and the Wikpedia entry.
  • Fairhope Alabama: page 1 spot 3, right after the City of Fairhope, and the Wikpedia entry.

and for Fairhope by itself:

  • Fairhope: page 1 spot 3, right after the City of Fairhope, and the Wikpedia entry.

I spent about 18 months working on Dan’s site while sharing with him the techniques I use so he could maintain the process himself. The interesting thing to note, considering the results above, is that I haven’t touched SEO on that site for well over two years now. Dan continues to maintain the site for his own interests and to share with others, and the SEO is maintained right along with that process.

As shown by this Beautiful Fairhope Case Study, a foundation of good SEO on a properly maintained site survives the test of time. And so, if you decide to ask Google, be sure you ask the right question, “Who is the best SEO service in Hutchinson Kansas?”

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