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Archive | June, 2016

Wizard Water Websites WizardsPlace Wizards Of Waverly Place

Wizards Place vs Waverly Place

You know the story of the shoemaker’s kids… their dad was a shoemake and yet he was so busy with clients that their shoes had holes and were falling apart. Well, our resident SEO guy, Steve, has his own business site called WizardsPlace. He used to call it Wizards Place but changed it when he […]

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Online Presence Perspectives Cass Cassandra J Henry Social Media OPP

Online Presence Perspectives Has New Focus

Not only does Online Presence Perspectives have a new focus, it also has a new owner. Cassandra J. Henry, who bills herself as a “Wholistic Cyber-Creation Consultant, Freelance Writer, Copy-editor, Reiki Healer, Jewellery Maker, Mom, Woman, Survivor, CEO of her own Life and Story” brings her expertise into clear focus and provides an entirely new […]

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WizardsPlace Wizards Place Waverly WordPress Wizard #WizardsPlace

Wizards Place vs WizardsPlace

Way back when our own Steve Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard, or just the Wiz, was getting started with a new personal business website, he thought it was a natural choice to call it Wizards Place. So he registered and then he started applying the best search engine optimization practices […]

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