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Archive | September, 2015

Why Businesses should definitely use Facebook?

The following facts will delete any doubt on why every single business should use Facebook to be positioned on over the Web. There are so many important things that have been happening on the Web since Facebook started. Facebook was just one of those amazing creations that didn’t have the intention of becoming what they […]

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The Power of Google Plus for Small Businesses

All business owners continuously look for the venue that will help them to get the most out of their marketing strategies and that earns them the most customers. The goal of all businesses large or small is to make sales and profits, and one of the fast increasing methods of doing that has been through […]

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Is Facebook really effective for Internet marketing?

This is one of the most asked questions made by marketers and I would like to give you the best answer about it. The following facts have been taken from trusted sources and are living testimonials that it really is possible to make money online using Facebook. No matter what people say online, they just […]

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The most effective ways to use Google Plus Traffic

Traffic to a website is like ambrosia to the gods, and without it a company will not continue to exist or make any increases in their profit margin. While all businesses need traffic to their websites to be successful, some types of traffic are worth more than others, and Google Plus traffic is one of […]

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Most followed Facebook Apps

The trend today is all about Facebooking. The biggest and simplest way of publicizing anything about ourselves is Face-book. People spend a lot of time on Facebook just trying to know people and letting people know them. So, what else can we do to publish about what we are and how we are, differently? Here […]

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Facebook Pages Made Easy

One of the greatest marketing tools that Facebook has provided especially for businesses is the Facebook Page (previously called the Fan Page). Facebook Pages are completely different than Personal Facebook Profiles. (more…)

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