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100 Tips Local Hutchinson SEO Part Four

31. Take advantage of free blogging platforms.

There are lots of blogging websites today, which allow you to make your own blogs. Taking advantage of them can help you gain more traffic to your online marketing sites, in order to expose your products or services to many people. Optimize your blogs with well researched keywords, so that people would find them easily.

32. Participate in online forums.

Find internet forums that have topics, which revolve around the kind of subject your website is all about. Sign up with them, and participate by providing some insights about the topic, in order to share valuable information to other people. After some time, people
would look for ways to learn more from you, and they can do that by visiting your website.

33. Create your own mini-course.

Coming up with a mini-course is another way to take advantage of SEO to drive more traffic to your site. Make sure that the mini-course is something that will grab the attention of people, so that many would take advantage of it. Just ensure to insert hints in it, which can lead people to your site, in order to increase your portal’s volume of traffic.

34. Take advantage of free ads website.

There are websites today, which offer free ways of advertising. When you post your advertisement into them, as long as you make use of effective keywords, lots of people would be able to find your ads. The best thing about this is that, they are for free, and in most cases, such sites can allow you to post a good number of ads.

35. Write your own testimonials.

Find websites that offer or provide content that is similar to yours, and post your own testimonials or even just comments in them. Make your comments count, so that people visiting the said web portals would notice it. Provide links in your testimonials, so that people can use it to visit your web page.

36. Using keywords in internet profiles.

When you make use of keywords in your online profiles, you would be increasing your chances of gaining more traffic to your site. The reason behind this is that, a profile that is optimized by effective keywords would be easier to find by other people. Once they find your profile, make sure that it leads them to your site.

37. Take advantage of press releases.

Making press release articles can help you, especially if they are filled with keywords. Make sure to research about the keywords used, so that people would be able to find your press releases easier. Aside from that, the press releases should also be written in high quality.

38. Visit web pages of your competitors.

To find out why competitors are beating you in the game, try to enter certain keywords on the search engine, and visit the first website that appears on the results pages. When you visit the websites of your competitors that are topping the ranks, try to see what they are doing right. Try to learn as much as you can, so that you may be able to identify what aspects in your SEO techniques need improvement.

39. Visit your own website.

Try to visit your own web page, as if you are just one of the people browsing through it. Review all the things that you could come across with. By visiting your site as another person, you would be able to see whether it provides a pleasant browsing experience or not. Aside from that, it also makes your browsing experience easier.

40. Have a friend visit your web portal.

If you want to see how people react to your site, then have a friend visit it. At first, do not let your friend know that it is your website, if possible. By doing that, you can be assured that he would give you his honest opinion about it. Make sure to finish your site first, and take criticisms in a positive way.

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