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100 Tips Local Hutchinson SEO Part Eight

71. Never make text the same color as its background.

One of your goals in order to have people revisit your site or stay longer in it, is to provide people utmost convenience in browsing through it. To make sure that this is the case, then you should not make your text with the same color as its background. The reason for this is that, it would make it difficult for people to read them.

72. Post classified ads on your web portal.

Having classified advertisements on your website would increase its traffic. Lots of people like it when there are classified ads, since it gives them more access to other products and services, as well as to other sites. Make sure to choose ads that are relevant to your website’s content though, so that more people would visit your site.

73. Free web-based software programs.

If you have the skill to create certain types of software programs, then make a bunch of them that can be used through the internet. Lots of people are searching for web-based programs these days, which they can use for free. By announcing your free programs through forums and discussion threads, you will be having lots of people visiting your site for it.

74. Make a video tutorial.

Create a video tutorial and post it in a website that allows video uploads for free. As long as you make good use of your imagination, you would be able to come up with videos whether it is for your products or services. Place a link on it to route people to your website, so that you would have more volume of traffic.

75. Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights products or PLR products are highly searched by lots of people these days. If you offer them for free, by simply accessing your site for it, you would be able to convince people to visit it, since it is a win-win situation for them. Make sure that you offer quality PLR products, so that they would check your site on a regular basis for more.

76. Use long tailed keywords.

These are simply more keywords in a keyword phrase. In other words, you would be using longer keyword phrases for your articles, as well as for your website’s content. Just make sure that the keywords within the phrase are significant to your site’s topic though, and they should not have much competition.

77. Do the split testing method.

As the name of the method suggests, this simply means to try out different routes of promoting a product. It can involve promoting a product on a certain section on your site, and doing it in another page as well. After some time, you need to compare their results, so that you can determine which of the routes you took is the best way to do it.

78. Think of ways to stand out from the rest of the pack.

There are always certain ways that you can think about, which have not been used by other people yet. As long as you put your mind into it, you may be able to find an angle, or a new way of looking at something, which can help you gain more edge over your
competitors. Keep on looking for it, so that you would be able to come up with a method or a strategy that you made on your own.

79. Always focus on providing call to action phrases.

Call to action phrases are simply sentences, which make suggestions to people in taking a certain step. It could mean taking a quiz, taking a survey, taking advantage of a free program, and such. By doing that, you would see more activities on your site, which is very favorable.

80. Add internal hyperlinks into your website.

Internal hyperlinks are links that can lead a person to another section within your site, by simply clicking on them. Search engines see these links as important parts of the site, which can become a factor when it comes to the rankings. If you have not added such links yet, then it is time that you do.

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